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Cancer care parcel logoCancer Care ParcelExperts in providing appropriate gifts for people affected by cancer.
Glass ClothingGlass ClothingGlass Clothing is a fashion label which centres around the idea of transparency. Amongst the widespread allegations of companies involved in sweatshops and slave labour, Glass Clothing stand out as the people who show you exactly who is behind our products.

Rare Care UKRare Care UKCaring for the neglected rare diseases
HomonadaHomonadaLooking after people with rare disease
Honnao PublishingPublishing factual books which contribute to the benefit of society
Mums in ScienceMums in ScienceSupporting parents who work, have worked or want to work in any aspect of science.
Gift From My CompanyGift From My CompanyGifts from companies to their employees
Fostering a better working environment and increasing staff retention.
The UK Cancer DirectoryThe UK Cancer DirectoryVerified Cancer Charities, Support Groups & Businesses.
Biblical FoodsProviding organic kosher/halal food to the UK and European market